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About Us:

How Dance Record Store was formed.

The owner has been collecting records from ALL genres since approximately 1985 so his musical knowledge from most genres is second to none. This meant that if we had a website it would have to be the same. We knew that to run a successful website we had to be devoted to the the amount of hours spent on inputting records to our database (How boring) and the amount of work that would be involved. We also knew we had to be patient while the vinyl junkies found us on the world wide web.

Our first website was formed in June 1999 with the help of others who had very good skills in computing. After a slow start sales started to generate from all over the world. We were interested to see if it would continue. By April 2002 we were recommended to change our website to a fully e-commerce site, to a site where customers can buy records at a click of a button and also listen to records before purchasing. We were told by doing this it would improve our sales vastly.

In July 2002 after lots of hard work the site was launched. It was then back to work listing sound files for each and every record, this once again is a very slow and boring process. Most Vinyl junkies love this site because they can find records that they only dreamed of finding. Most of the records on our lists are known tracks so it is hard to get bored when viewing our lists. We are still adding functions to our site each month to benefit our customers.

Why is Dance Record Store so popular with customers all over the world?

To be honest since we launched you can count the amount of unhappy customers we have had on one hand. Our policy is to keep our customers happy at all times. After doing some research We have found that approximately 90% of our customers are repeat customers.. why? These are the facts!

  1. 99% of our records are sent out on the day of purchase, this means the customer receives them a s a p.
  2. Our records are nearly always in very good/mint condition unless stated.
  3. Our records are the original press, we do not sell bootlegs like other rival companies.
  4. We are always keen to help our customers out if we can via email or the telephone.
  5. Our record lists consist of mostly CLASSIC records.
  6. Our database is updated every working day.
  7. We do not give out false information regarding mixes etc, like other rival companies.
  8. If we do not know the record we will tell you exactly that, we will not say "Yeah" we had that the other week, but not now".

We would not recommend you wasting money and time by buying vinyl from other rival companies, but saying that, if you want to be sent wrong, scratched, bootleg records then go for it!

I would just now like to say a big thanks Jason White, Tom, Dennis, Smallboy (RIP)... and most importantly to YOU for making this site THE VERY BEST.

From DRS